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Meet Our Leadership

A true family affair, the Paddington Family of Stores is led by mother + daughter team, Pam + Kelly Jean Hammond. But that's not where it stops! Other family members, spouses, and extended family are working at the heart of Paddington Station in leadership.



Pam Hammond, President + Product Manager

Kelly Jean Hammond, Vice President + Product Manager

Joe Collins, General Manager


O N   T H E   F L O O R 

P A D D I N G T O N   S T A T I O N
Stefanie Nagata, Events + Store Manager

P A D D I N G T O N   S T A T I O N:   I N S P I R E D  B Y  O R E G O N
Debra Harris, Store + Product Manager

P A D D I N G T O N   S T A T I O N ' S   M E Z Z A N I N E
Lindsay Panero, Store + Product Manager

T H E   P A D D I N G T O N   J E W E L   B O X
Kendall Escuin, Store + Product Manager


B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S

Allison Hamik, Accounting Manager

Nick Hammond, Operations + Facilities Manager

Shelly Hensarling, Human Resources + Executive Assistant

Vanessa Longley, Receiving Manager 

Sansa Collins, Web🕷🕸 Store Manager