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Three Ways to Enjoy River's Edge Herb Blends

River's Edge Gourmet Foods is a family-owned and operated company focusing on tasty food for you, your family, and all your friends. With the combination of Umpqua Farms spreads, jellies, relishes, and sauces and Mrs. Britt's Oregon Kitchen herb blends and hearty soups, River's Edge provides something for everyone. Located in Roseburg, Oregon.

Recipe 1: Garlic Vegetable Cheesy Baguette


1 8oz block of softened Cream Cheese
1/4 cup softened butter
1 Loaf of French Bread or desired bread


  • Combine Packet, butter and cheese with a hand mixer or in a stand mixer.
  • Let Stand 30 min
  • Slice French Bread or desired bread of choice in half 
  • Spread mixture on bread liberally 
  • Place bread on baking sheet
  • Place baking sheet under broiler
  • Remove bread from oven when baked and bubbly 
  • Slice into serving sizes and enjoy!


Recipe 2: Tasty Fiesta Mexicana Chip Dip 



1 Bag of Tortilla Chips
1 Packet of Fiesta Mexicana Mix
1 Cup Mayo
1 Cup Sour Cream
(You can substitute 2 cups of plain yogurt for less calories)


  • In a bowl mix mayo, sour cream and packet of dip mix until combined.
  • Allow 30min for flavors to marry in the refrigerator. I let it sit overnight for best flavor infusion.
  • Grab your chips and enjoy!


Recipe 3: Spunky Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms


1 Packet of Spunky Spinach Mix
2 Cups of  Plain Greek Yogurt
1/2 Cup of Parmesan Cheese
1 to 2lbs of button mushrooms or desired mushrooms


  • In an bowl mix yogurt, shredded parmesan cheese and the spunky spinach packet until combined
  • Let stand 30min in refrigerator 
  • Wash mushrooms and remove stems from caps
  • Place mushrooms on an oiled baking sheet bottom side facing up
  • After 30min place a spoonful of the mixture on each mushroom 
  • Place mushrooms in the oven under the broiler and remove when golden and bubbly


recipes courtesy of River's Edge Gourmet Foods.

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