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The Easter Bunny will be making her yearly visit to Paddington Station on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 and we are excited to welcome her! She will be awaiting visitors in our lower level, and will be available for digital photos with children of all ages. Our friendly staff will email your pictures to you!

The fun doesn't stop with the Easter Bunny; the Paddington Bears will also continue our tradition of offering family fun for all! So, before you make your way down to see the Bunny, stop by the craft table on the Main Floor where you can make your own set of bunny ears. We will also offer cookie decorating on the Mezzanine (always a family and staff favorite!!!).

As always, all of our family events are free! We hope to see you on the 1st!

<![CDATA[And The Winners Have Been Chosen!]]>Sun, 19 Feb 2017 01:08:40 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/and-the-winners-have-been-chosenThank you to everyone who participated in our "Love Is In The Air" contest. We received over 25 entries, all lovingly written to a special person. It was not easy to choose two winners, so we chose four!!! Congratulations to our winners, who each received two prizes- one for their loved one and one to keep. The winning entries are posted below- which one do you like best? 
<![CDATA[Love Is In The Air!]]>Sat, 28 Jan 2017 07:37:02 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/love-is-in-the-airPicture
Love is in the air at the Paddington Family of Stores!!! From now until February 12th, we are asking you to celebrate someone special in your life by writing a short (150 word) Valentine about them! You can write your Valentine to anyone- your parent, your neighbor, anyone who has touched your life! We will choose the two most touching Valentine's and both the entrant and their someone special will receive a prize. 

There are two ways to enter. You can stop by any of our three stores (Paddington Station, the Paddington Jewel Box, or Inspired By Oregon) and pick up an entry form (pictured to the right), fill it out and drop it off in our red mail box- found right inside the front door of Paddington Station. If you aren't local or cannot visit us, you can send us your Valentine in an email. Please be sure to include the following: your name, your Valentine's name, your phone number and use the subject line "love is in the air"! (CLICK HERE TO ENTER)

A committee will convene, read all the Valentine's and choose two winners.  These winners will be contacted and announced on February 13th, and will receive their prize on the 14th. If you live out of the area, we will contact you.

If you would like your someone special to receive a copy of their Valentine, please include their address on your entry form, we would be happy to spread the love!

<![CDATA[New Year, Refinished Floors And So Much More!]]>Tue, 24 Jan 2017 07:15:35 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/new-year-refinished-floors-and-so-much-more
The Holiday Season has passed and we are all still standing! That means only one thing for us here at the Paddington Family of Stores: Inventory!!! You've heard that before and we are sure you've seen the signs in our windows, but what does this mean? We've been asked "What do you do on those days?" "You don't just count things, do you?"

Yes, it's true- we do count things all day long! Each store closes for 1 to 3 days (1 for the Jewel Box and Inspired By Oregon and 2 or 3 for Paddington). The inventory team - made up for staff members dedicated to individual stores as well as managerial staff- break into teams of two and go fixture by fixture, table by table and count and touch everything.  We go through all our stockrooms, open all the cabinets and drawers. And everything gets CLEANED- under fixtures, behind mirrors, on landings, behind bookcases (if they move!)- you name it, we've cleaned it!

Occasionally, Pam and Don choose to redo the floors in the stores. Last year, we refinished the floors in the Jewel Box. This year, we refinished the floors in Paddington- and what an adventure that was!! Everything in the store gets moved- clothing racks are moved into the back of Inspired By Oregon, product is put in moving boxes and taken to the lower level or into stockrooms. Fixtures are moved onto the linoleum in the card department and any other place it will fit.  The Floor refinishing company does one half of the floor at a time, so we moved everything to one side on Tuesday night and came back on Thursday morning to move everything to the other side!!! (Check out our moving pictures in our Photo Gallery!) On Friday, we moved fixtures, product and clothing racks back to where they came from- the store is never cleaner than it is the first day we are open after inventory.  

These days are true labors of love for our staff. Not only does it give us a chance to touch everything we have, but it gives us a chance to come together as a staff. These are the days we really get to know each other- we work side by side, as long as it takes to finish. These are the days that make us stronger as a staff, as a team. 

<![CDATA[After Christmas SALE!!]]>Thu, 29 Dec 2016 19:11:46 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/after-christmas-saleNow that Christmas has come to an end be sure to stop by Paddington Station for our after Christmas sale and stock up on items for next year for only a fraction of the price. Be sure to visit our lower level for sale and clearance items of all variety.

We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. We thank you for another year of business and encourage you to stop on by, and if we don't see you this year we will see you next year! :)

<![CDATA[Christmas Cookie Decorating]]>Fri, 09 Dec 2016 21:12:00 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/christmas-cookie-decorating
This Saturday local mom Joan Kleen comes to Paddington Station to help us with cookie decorating for the holidays. Santa does enjoy those milk and cookies, so prep for his arrival and impress him with your cookie decorating skills. It is hard not to be on the Nice List when you leave a plate of perfectly decorated cookies for Santa. You can also enjoy some yourself or give them to friends and family as a gift. Everyone loves cookies! So, come on down this Saturday and check that item off your list.
<![CDATA[Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the Holidays]]>Mon, 28 Nov 2016 20:51:27 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/black-friday-small-business-saturday-and-the-holidaysPicture
Things were a bustle at Paddington and our other stores as Thanksgiving ended and the holiday shopping came into full swing for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Hours were extended slightly and the Paddington family worked hard to bring you the savings and service you have come to love. Now the holiday shopping time of year is in full swing, but whether shopping or not we would love to see you in the store or even stopping by to say "hello", so our family can wish your family "Happy Holidays".

Helping you find a special gift that will bring joy to another is what we want to achieve. Remember, giving at Christmas is what brings true joy and not getting. Even a simple gesture can make a difference -- a smile, a laugh, a kind word, a hug, a gift, a card -- can change someone's day and holiday spirit.

Remember we are a family owned business. A family business. A local business. We are your friends, neighbors and family. We will strive to make your holiday season brighter, easier and more enjoyable.

<![CDATA[Open House Lineup]]>Fri, 18 Nov 2016 22:37:22 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/open-house-lineup
Tomorrow is our annual Open House celebration! Here is all the information for our entertainment lineup, activities, food and door prizes. We look forward to seeing everyone and encourage everyone to bring their smiles, shopping bags and canned food items.
<![CDATA[Bring Your Canned Food To Open House!]]>Fri, 04 Nov 2016 17:22:58 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/bring-in-your-canned-food-for-open-house
Canned food for Ashland Emergency Food Bank
FREE Ornament
Open House is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 19th from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.  We will be collecting canned food at the front entrance of Paddington Station for the Ashland Emergency Food Bank. Bring in your canned food item and we will give you a FREE ornament as a thank you for your generosity. (while supplies last)

This year, our goal is to collect one ton of food for the Food Bank! We challenge you to help us get to that goal by looking in your cupboards and see what you can donate. If we can get 2,000 people to bring one can of food we will meet our goal! This food will benefit those in need this holiday season in Ashland.

We are heading into the season of giving and what better way to give than to provide food for those in need? 
<![CDATA[Paddington Station's 43rd Annual Open House]]>Wed, 02 Nov 2016 23:29:04 GMThttp://paddingtonstationashland.com/blog/paddington-stations-43rd-annual-open-house
We are preparing for our Annual Open House event this month! On Saturday, November 19th the Paddington Family of Stores brings you the biggest event of our year. The store is alive with live entertainment, food samples, activities and giveaways throughout the day. Interested in what the day could hold? Take a look at photos from past year's Open House in our photo gallery.

The fun and giveaways start as soon as you walk in the front door! If you bring a canned good with you to Open House,  you will receive a FREE holiday ornament. All donations go to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank. 

Our entertainment lineup is listed here and includes entertainment from Ashland High School Choir and the  Rogue Valley Peace Choir.

We are excited to share more with you in the weeks leading up to this fun filled event!